Gym Challenge participants gather at Spartan Stadium

Chris Dunham, PDT Sports Writer

October 13, 2012

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

Dale King of the Portsmouth Spartan Kettle Bell Club barked out instructions to participants, people covered up with warmups to escape the early morning chill and teams huddled for strategy. It was the Scioto County Gym Challenge outside Spartan Stadium Saturday morning.

“It’s our first ever, and we’ve got teams of four women, or teams of four men, and we have 25 teams here,” Wendy Waugh of Southern Ohio Medical Center said. “We will be participating in four different events.”

Those events include the Kettle Bell Burpee Ladder, a cone drill, a relay, and deadlift.

“It’s a collaboration and a coalition of Scioto County gyms,” Waugh said. “We’re doing this really to establish relationships among ourselves, so that we can join together to get the community healthy.”

Lucas Wright was one of the organizers of the event.

“We have a bunch of area teams, here from some of the gyms - SOMC Life Center, PSKC, Fire one and Shawnee put together a team, the Portsmouth Fire Department put a team together,” Wright said. “But we also have teams from Huntington and I believe Cincinnati or Columbus has a team here as well.”

Wright said The Kettle Bell Club has brought a new type of workout to the community.

“It gets people more out of the traditional lift, and more into the crossfit lift type of lifting, which is good if people don’t have a lot of time,” Wright said. “Actually the Life Center is looking to get cross fit there coming in January. It’s always good to have other people interested in fitness and getting the community healthy.”

Wright said the top three of the male and female teams would receive awards, and if a team happens to be the best at a certain event, a male and female participant would also receive awards.

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