Chip HorrContributing Columnist

October 5, 2012

Sept. 18

Alex and Samantha Watts of Wheelersburg, son

Sara Matthews and Drew E. Fry of Wheelersburg, son

Katie Sexton and Devin Miller of Wheelersburg, son

Destiny Cook and Howard Eldridge of Portsmouth, daughter

Seth F. Smith and Dawn E. Smith of Portsmouth, son

Michael and Sarah Hall of South Webster, son

Sept. 19

Doug and Stephanie McClure of Wheelersburg, son

Jason Riddle and Etta Roe of South Shore (Ky.), daughter

Sept. 20

Todd and Jessie Nelson of South Shore (Ky.), daughter

Sept. 21

Chip and Lynn Hempill of Franklin Furnace, son

Sept. 23

Brian Collins and Amanda Cummings of Portsmouth, daughter

Britni McCann and Reggie Knighten of Sciotoville, son

Della Rapp and Jacob Gross of Peebles, daughter

Sept. 24

Chris and Erin Lee Burchett of Minford, son

Justice Williams and Storm Holsinger of Piketon, son