Tools and guns hot items for thieves

October 2, 2012


PDT Staff Writer

Guns and power tools continue to be hot items for thieves in the region. More than $4,000 in guns and power tools were taken in two entries.

In a break in on Ohio 73 at McDermott, thieves took a Marlin rifle with BSA scope, valued at $300; a Marlin .22 Semi Automatic rifle with scope, valued at $200; a Ruger .44 Magnum SWuper Black Hawk, valued at $600; a Smith and Wesson handgun with a value of $575; A Smith and Wesson Special, valued at $275; a Kimel Industries .32 revolver, with a value of $175; a Remington 5 millimeter bolt-action rifle, valued at $300, and a 10-point crossbow, with a value of $275.

Scioto County Sheriff Marty V. Donini, said stolen guns turn up sometimes in several places.

“There’s many times when we’ll do search warrants on drug-related offenses, and it’s nothing to find 20 guns,” Donini said. “And the thing about proving guns are stolen is that you have to have serial numbers. And in many cases the victims don’t have their serial numbers recorded. Therefore, we don’t have those available to confirm whether or not, in fact, a gun is stolen.”

Donini said gun thefts, like the majority of other thefts in the region, are usually drug-related.

“We believe a lot of the guns stolen from area residences are being used in the course of drug deals,” Donini said. “In other words, instead of paying cash, they might pay with guns.”

In an entry on Gallia Pike in Franklin Furnace, thieves made off with DeWalt Cordless Drills with a value of $220; a DeWalt Combo tool set, valued at $500; hand tools valued at $300, and 100 feet of copper wire valued at $700.

Captain David Hall of the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office says people need to know when they buy things like power tools from individuals, they will have to give them up if it turns out that they were stolen.

“We’re going to seize the property and give it back to the owner,” Hall said. “They could be out the money they paid for the tools. The only way they could possibly get their money back is they can ask the court to make the suspect re-pay the money.”

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