Letter to the Editor

PDT Sports Writer

September 29, 2012

Dear Editor,

The power struggle for the City of Portsmouth seems never to end. Many in Portsmouth know the out dated city charter is the power base for the ruling four of the city of council to agree together and have complete controls of the affairs of Portsmouth. With a mayor form of government they had opposition, a spoke person that could limit their actions. They were successful in getting the voters to change from a mayor form of government to a city manager, in which they will have absolute control. They hire, they fire, so no city manager will disagree with them. It was really a bad choice the voter made for our city to have real leadership. Remember there will be no mayor to take your troubles to. Getting the majority of the city council to listen or have a reaction to you will be slim to none.

The move to change to a city manager will also cost the city 100,000 dollars or more each year. That is okay because we can still get credit; after all, we are already so far in debt that we have very little hope in getting it paid without bankruptcy. Have no doubt the city council is fighting hard to guarantee that they have absolute control to appoint the first city manage to be hired. It was an easy task to appoint themselves to be on the board to go through the screening process to find a city manager.

The heartbreak of it all is I have personally been told by a council person they would not consider any local person for the position. One, they do not believe any one locally had the ability or the brains to fulfill the position. Two, they do not want to consider any one that had local connections.

I wonder if most people in Portsmouth think we have to reach out and seek some form of leadership outside of our community, that everyone in the community lacks any leadership ability or that the people are so dumb that we are just lucky to be able to read and write. The whole idea is to just turn everything over to the power of the four council member, even if they decide to charge every resident in Portsmouth to pay the city manager, they will rule.

The main thought I had was the whole purpose of having a city council was to council, not to have total leadership of our community.

Eugene Collins

Portsmouth, Ohio