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September 29, 2012


PDT Staff Writer

The Minford High School baseball team in conjunction with the Minford High School Bible Club held a Christian concert event Sunday, Sept. 23, at Minford’s baseball field. The admission to the concert was a new toy to be given to underprivileged children for Christmas.

The Falcons’ baseball team partnered with the Bible Club to create a way of bringing the community together to help meet the needs of underprivileged children for Christmas 2012.

According to Tim Martin, coach of the Minford baseball team, this is the second year for the collaborative effort between his baseball team and the Bible Club.

“The Minford High School baseball team has had a toy drive for 14 years. We just kind of went with the Minford High School Bible Club last year to put this event on,” Martin said.

Martin said he could not take credit for linking the two groups together, but instead said Sherry Dodridge, the secretary at the school is responsible.

“Sherry made contact with Mr. Pistole, who is over the Bible Club, so Sherry is responsible,” Martin said.

The purpose of the concert is to collect a new toy to go to children from families that have limited resources.

“I think it went really great,” Martin said. “We had about 90 people to show up, and collected 78 toys.”

Martin said that he is optimistic that the project will flourish and will increase in the number of toys collected for the youth.

“It’s just like anything else, it takes a little while to get it up off the floor and running. All three bands are excited and are anxious to come back next year,” Martin said.

The participating bands this year included, Aftermath, By Faith, and Crimson Peace.

Toys are collected every Fall and distributed to children grades K-8 with a party just prior to the Christmas vacation break. Martin, his baseball team and Mr. & Mrs. Claus attend the party, pass out gifts and feed the students and children who may receive only this gift for the Christmas holiday.

“The event was a huge success which will result in a lot of smiles this Christmas season,” Martin said.

Martin said the event will be repeated again next year and thereafter as the baseball team, the Bible Club and many other participants share a passion for their community’s needs.

“With God in it, we cannot fail,” Martin said.

Anyone that would like to donate a new unwrapped toy may contact Coach Martin at 740-776-4300.

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