Renovations help in healing at New Beginnings

September 20, 2012


PDT Staff Writer

PIKETON — This week 31 employees of Brothershood Mutual Insurance Company traveled from Fort Wayne, Ind. to New Beginnings to help with renovation of the facilities. The work came in honor of Tracy Bell who of an overdose while while waiting to enter the New Beginnings drug treatment program in 2009.

New Beginnings Freedom Hall Recovery Center opened its doors in 2005 for those in need of intervention and treatment for drug addiction.

Currently New Beginnings can hold up to eight women and 32 men in the facilities.

March 2009, Tracy Bell of Waverly, died of an opiate drug overdose. Bell was on the waiting list to enter New Beginnings and was within 10 days of entry when she died.

“At the time that she overdosed we’d been working with her, and she was trying to get her life straightened out,” Angie Pelfrey, Recovery Administrator at New Beginnings said.

Brock Bell, Tracy Bell’s father, said that those who struggle with addiction many times do have a desire to overcome it, but the drugs typically are too much keeping those who are addicted in bondage.

“The way the opiate addiction works for these young people is that it keeps drawing them back into it. They really want to do good, but they can’t,” Brock Bell said.

Pelfrey said Bell was within days of entering the program.

“Her father called us to let us know that she’d passed away, which was devastating for me,” Pelfrey said.

Pelfrey said she deeply regrets that they were not able to help Tracy Bell, the program had reached its maximum capacity at that time.

“After Tracy’s death, I thought her dad would be mad, as most people probably would be, but he was wonderful. He ended up calling us back, checking to see how we were doing. We were just kind of dumbfounded,” Pelfrey said.

The friendship between Brock Bell and New Beginnings continue to grow, which has been conducive to Bell and his fellow employees helping out with the present renovations.

Brock Bell and 30 other Brotherhood Mutual Insurance employees decided to take time off of work to travel to New Beginnings to offer their assistance to the renovation efforts.

According Brock Bell, his crew of workers have completed more than $5000 of work on renovations at New Beginnings. Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company along with the employees donated the funds need to complete the project.

Bell said that working at the site has served as a source of healing and closure in regard to the death of his daughter Tracy.

“If we can help just one person as a result of programs like New Beginnings. I don’t want to see another parent go through what I’ve had to endure from my daughter’s drug overdose,” Brock Bell said.

Brock Bell said that his daughter desired to help others and wanted to go into the field of psychology. She attended college at Ohio Christian University, was Circlevillle Bible College at that time.

“She was very intelligent, and was an honor student at Waverly High School, but completed an online high school education program,” Bell said.

Bell said that his acts of service at New Beginnings is in honor of his daughter, whom he loved dearly, and will cherish forever.

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