County budget situation improving

September 18, 2012


PDT Staff Writer

On Tuesday the Scioto County Commissioners approved a communication from the Ohio Department of Taxation that the counties permissive sales tax for July was $990,735.13 which represents an $87,202 increase over July of 2011.

“We are up $560,797.50 for the year, we are excited about these numbers,” said Skip Riffe, Chairman of the Scioto County Commissioners.

Riffe explained revenue from the permissive sales tax makes up a majority of the county budget.

“We have a $15 million budget and $10 million of it comes from sales tax,” Riffe said.

Rife said that within the next week there are plans to move $200,000 into the juvenile detention center fund. Bring that fund to a deficit of $377,000.

The Scioto County Commissioners recently received $69,000 from a state casino tax.

“This money is distributed quarterly and that’s not quite three complete months in operation for two (Toledo and Cleveland) casinos,”Riffe said.

He said a casino in Columbus is expected to open this fall with another one in Cincinnati expected to open next year. In 2009, Ohio voters passed a constitutional amendment that provides for a total of four casino facilities to be located in this state in Cleveland, Toledo, Columbus, and Cincinnati.

This news comes as the county is anticipating property tax revenue up $250,000 above estimates. It was also announced the counties permissive sales tax revenue is up $300,000 above estimates for the first five months of the year.

“This is definitely welcomed news. The money will be placed into the general fund,” Riffe said.

This budgetary news comes as the county is taking steps towards getting out from under the emergency status by the auditor of state that came in August of 2009. Riffe said that status could be lifted from the county as soon as next year. He said the steps to having the status lifted include retiring the $557,000 deficit associated with the former juvenile detention center.

“We are hoping to do that (retire the debt) this year. If revenue continues to come in like it is, we think we can get that done this year,” Riffe said. “After that, we have to do (20)14, (20)15 and (20)16 budget projections. Once the state is satisfied with those numbers, they’ll release us.”

He said the budgets for 2012 and 2013 are complete.

“Once the (20)13 recovery plan gets approved, and we are hoping that happens at the August meeting of the Scioto County Financial Planing and Recovery Commission meeting. We will start planing for ‘14, ‘15 and ‘16,” Riffe said.

He said all of this depends on how long it takes the state to be satisfied with projected budget numbers and a number of other factors.

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