Officials gather as Greenup opens new bridge

September 12, 2012


PDT Staff Writer

Greenup— State and local officials gathered Wednesday to open a new $6.2 million bridge on Main Street in Greenup that spans the Little Sandy River.

“This bridge represents a $6.2 million dollar investment in this community. It contributes to our highway capacity and infrastructure within our highway department and more importantly, it’s connectivity from Greenup to U.S. 23,” said Bart Bryant, Chief District Engineer Kentucky Department of Highways, District 9. “Over the last several years over $1.4 million has been spent in the planing and design of this bridge. Since last September the transportation cabinet has spent $4.8 million on the construction of the bridge.”

The original bridge was built in 1884 by the King Bridge Co. and rehabilitated in 1954. Despite its age and one-lane nature, the old bridge continued to serve traffic needs in Greenup until 2003 when it was closed due to structural deficiencies.

Those in attendance included State Senator Robin Webb, State Representative Tanya Pullin, Greenup County Judge-Executive Robert Carpenter and city of Greenup Mayor Lundie Meadows.

“This is a great day for Greenup County,” said Webb. “At a time when infrastructure in this nation is being ignored, is substandard and dangerous for commerce and the safety of our people, you’ve got a legislative team that recognizes the value of this infrastructure and also the value of downtown Greenup. Our downtowns are often being neglected. Here we get two for one. We get the safety and the access that this bridge provides and another vital shot to our downtown area.”

Pullin said the bridge will help open commerce.

“We now have one more safe and secure way to access Greenup. This bridge opens up Greenup to the western part of the area. I want to declare with the opening of this bridge we are open for business and tourism.” Pullin said.

Pullin along with other officials presented a plaque that hung on the former bridge to the Greenup County Library for display purposes.

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