Paving work underway in New Boston

September 12, 2012


PDT Staff Writer

The daily commute through New Boston became a little more cumbersome Wednesday as paving work on Lakeview Ave. that is expected to last until Saturday.

“They (The Shelly Company) are going to focusing on eastbound U.S. 52 to the Portsmouth Corp. limit. They are also doing Oak Street from Lakeview to in front of the stadium,” Scioto County Engineer Craig Opperman said.

Opperman acknowledged this project will complicate things in the area for a while. The State Route 139 project is still ongoing and has its own set of traffic restrictions.

According to the Ohio Department of Transportation, the State Route 139 project is located between the route’s junction with U.S. 52 and Pine Street. While the route is closed, traffic is being detoured via State Route 335 and U.S. 52. The closure is scheduled to be in effect through September, and the anticipated completion for all work is late November.

Information released by Opperman’s office said work will be done from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and southbound Lakeview Ave. traffic and detoured State Route 139 traffic, will be detoured to Oak Street at the stadium then south on Lakeshore Drive to U.S. 52 westbound then back to Lakeview Avenue. Northbound traffic will remain on Lakeview Avenue with one way traffic to Oak Street.

On Wednesday afternoon Opperman said, “U.S. 52 should be clear tomorrow (today), crews will be finishing up milling on Lakeview and on Oak Street tomrrow as well. They will then bring the paving operations back on Friday after they get done with the counties portion of Jr. Furnace Powellsville Rd. They will be paving on Oak Street first on Friday, then they will do Lakeview and finish that up on Saturday.”

He said at somepoint on Friday late afternoon portions of U.S. 52 will have some restrictions so crews can finish work on Lakeview.

“We have to make sure residents in this area do not park on the street. The entire roadway needs to be cleared, so the equipment can get through,” Opperman said. “Having cars parked on the street can holdup progress. If we do run into that situation, we will have to get them moved.”

He said when work is done near U.S. 52 traffic will be restricted for short periods of time.

“They will have an arrow board out there to block traffic, while they are backing up the milling machine and the pavers. Once they get pulled off those intersections traffic will be opened back up,” Opperman said.

He said the project is valued at $148,000.

“The village of New Boston is paying the local share of this project which is $74,000,” Opperman said.

He said this project was planed in conjunction with the opening of the new school.

“Those are the roadways New Boston wanted to get done because of the new school. The pavement in that area is pretty rough right now. So, we wanted to get that smoothed out and dressed up in order to get it ready for the new school,” Opperman said.

For more information call the Scioto County Engineers office at 740-355-8265.

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