Downtown crosswalks under repair

Bret Bevens, PDT Sports Writer

September 10, 2012


PDT Staff Writer

If you have driven down Chillicothe Street recently, you have no doubt noticed several intersections are sunken in, causing motorists to swerve to avoid damage to their vehicles. Now Crystal Weghorst, Director of the Engineering Department for the city of Portsmouth says the city will begin fixing those intersections today. Those intersections are at Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Streets.

“We’re getting those four, the four worst crosswalks re-done,” Weghorst said. “So the street will be closed at the crosswalk that is actually being worked on. They’re going to start at Ninth and Chillicothe and work their was south.”

Weghorst said Stabo Construction will be doing the actual work.

“They are going to put some crush-run in the bottom, and then they are actually putting concrete on top,” Weghorst said. “So those pavers are actually going to set on top of concrete, so that when the heavy traffic drives over them, the bricks are not going to sink like they have at the ones that are there now.”

It is estimated that each crosswalk will take three to five days to complete because of the curing of the concrete.

“We’re just excited to be getting it done,” Weghorst said. “We just ask that motorists and pedestrian traffic be aware of signage and use caution when traveling in these areas.”

Weghorst said the other intersections where the brick crosswalks exist do not seem to be suffering from the same issues.

“We’ll be watching though,” Weghorst said. “And if it need be, we will start the process of replacing those as well.”

Weghorst said the city is also set to begin a paving program some of which will be on U.S. 52 east and west beginning around Sept. 17.

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