ODOT schedules more work on 139

Bret Bevens, PDT Sports Writer

September 8, 2012


PDT Staff Writer

Just as the state of Ohio finishes its six-month-long slip repair project on State Route 139 in New Boston this fall, they already are planning a second slip repair project further up the road on 139 to begin early next year.

According to Kathleen Fuller, at the Ohio Department of Transportation, the state of Ohio has scheduled a slip repair project on 139 at the 1.2 mile marker.

“It’s just barely inside the corporation limit. Right before Hinkley Hollow, just south of Rosemount Road,” Fuller said.

Fuller said the current slip repair project in New Boston is expected to be complete in November and will not be affected by this new project. The upcoming project, she said, will open bids on Oct. 4, and could begin work in the spring of 2013 — explaining that they will wait until after the winter months have passed. The current project in New Boston lasted eight months, detouring traffic surrounding the area.

Fuller said the new project will not be as intensive or as expensive, will not last as long, and will maintain one-lane of open traffic rather than closing the highway entirely as was done in New Boston. A target completion date was not available.

“The one we’re doing in New Boston, it’s called a tie-back, and it’s a slightly different project than this one. That’s one of the reasons it’s a little more expensive, a little more time consuming, and a little bit trickier to do,” she said.

The final cost of the project will not be known until the bid has been awarded, but Fuller said ODOT estimates it about $687,000. Eighty percent of the cost of the project is paid-for by the federal government, and the remaining 20 percent is paid by the state of Ohio. There is no local cost.

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