Local resident reports from DNC in Charlotte

G. Sam Piatt, PDT Staff Writer

September 4, 2012


PDT Staff Writer

The Democratic National Convention opened on Tuesday in Charlotte, N.C.. Portsmouth resident and Ohio delegate Alan Barlow says he is having a good time with all of the activities thus far and is looking forward to the rest of the convention.

“I just came out of a caucus meeting, Kathleen Sebelius (Secretary of Health and Human Services) was one of the keynote speakers, along with Ashley Judd,” Barlow said. “We are getting ready to go to a Women’s caucus meeting. We are really fired up and ready to go.”

Michelle Obama gave a speech Tuesday night. The Associated Press reported that Michelle Obama said she wants to use her opening speech to remind people about the values that drive her husband to do what he has done and what he is going to do for the next four years. She said she is going to take folks back to the man he was before he was president.

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro delivered the convention’s keynote address Tuesday. Other speakers that are scheduled to speak Tuesday include, Ted Strickland, former Scioto County resident and former Governor of Ohio.

Democrats will march through the roll call of states re-nominating Obama for president and Joe Biden for vice president on Wednesday. That’s also when the convention hears from former president Bill Clinton. President Barack Obama is expected to deliver his acceptance speech is Thursday.

“Things have been really exciting ever since we got here, there is a lot of people from all over the country,” Barlow said. “The city of Charlotte is really sharp as well. I’m really impressed with this city, you would really be surprised how ready the city was.”

Barlow said the Ohio delegation is seated in the first row on the left hand side of the podium.

“We are right down front, we got the good seats,” Barlow said.

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