Scioto Republicans gear-up for November

September 4, 2012


PDT Staff Writer

The Scioto County Republican Party held a celebration Saturday after the River Days parade, to help boost momentum going into the November election. The event also served as an unofficial grand opening for the parties headquarters, located at 612 6th St., Portsmouth.

“The whole purpose for today is to celebrate and give appreciation to those workers this labor day. We also do this in appreciation to our candidates and their supporters,” said Bryan Davis, Scioto County Republican Party Communication Co-Chair. “This event also serves as our big launch into the fall campaign season.”

Davis pointed out there are 61 days until the Tuesday, Nov. 6, General Election.

“We thought this would be a good time to get together and have to candidates speak to those in attendance. We also got to hear from Joe Uecker (unopposed Republican candidate for state senate) and Judge Leonard Holzapfel (candidate for Court of Appeals) this was a good opportunity for them to speak to local supporters,” Davis said.

He said from this point until November the candidates will hit the ground running.

“What’s next is knocking on doors, get the word out. Our phone banks will be running full blast from here on out. We are doing everything we can do as a party to support our candidates,” Davis said. “We are planing to host debate watch parties, I’m sure there are going to be other rallies to further support our candidates. We do not stop here, in my mind this is the tip of the ice burg, the days leading up to the election is going to fast paced.”

Davis said events like the River Days parade also serve as an opportunity for the candidates to let people know who they are.

“We have heard nothing but positive things from the candidates and onlookers of the parade. The people are getting excited,” Davis said.

For more information about the Scioto County Republican Party, visit them online at www.sciotocountygop.com.

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