Sheriff warns of local phone scam

Chris Dunham, PDT Sports Writer

August 16, 2012

PDT Staff Report

Sheriff Marty V. Donini is advising the citizens of Scioto County to be aware of a telephone solicitation scam being reported in the area.

According to Donini, the caller is advising the resident when they answer the phone that there is a warrant on them through the courts. The caller advises them that the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office has a warrant for them, and for $500 they will not be arrested. The caller is reportedly being persistent with the residents, advising them that they will be arrested if they do not pay the $500.

Donini reminds residents that neither the Sheriff’s Office nor the Courts of Scioto County solicit on the telephone for the arrest warrants of residents.

Additionally, Donini reported that his office has also received calls from citizens that have received calls that they will be arrested for missing jury duty. The caller advises that in order to keep from being arrested, that they will need to send $500 to the caller. This also is a scam.

He advises that if residents do receive a call on either of these matters, to advise the caller that this is a scam and to ignore the solicitation.