NB students will start school in their old buildings

Bret Bevens, PDT Sports Writer

August 15, 2012


PDT Staff Writer

NEW BOSTON — New Boston Schools’ Superintendent Mike Staggs said students will still start the new school year on Sept. 5, as previously announced — but they’ll have to wait a few weeks longer before stepping foot into the new school building.

Staggs said if all continues to go well, the district expects to take occupancy of the new school on Lakeview Avenue on Friday, Sept. 28, and begin classes in the building on Monday, Oct. 1. In the meantime, students will begin the school year on Sept. 5 in the old school buildings once again.

“We’d just prepare them on Friday (Sept. 28) to come to the new building on Monday (Oct. 1),” Staggs said. “Even though we don’t have occupancy, we can still move things in as those rooms are done.”

He said there was a good chance teachers will begin moving into the new building as soon as next week.

“At the end of the school year, I told our teachers to leave out their first month’s work and don’t pack it up with the rest of their stuff … because the rest of their stuff is going to get moved,” Staggs said.

To hold onto the school’s rich history as the Glenwood Tigers, a new road will be built next to the school, called Glenwood Tiger Trail. The new pre-K through 12 school building is collectively known as the New Boston Schools Building, but each school division will retain their individual names: Stanton Primary, Oak Intermediate, and Glenwood High School.

The district passed a local levy to build new schools in 2008, and broke ground in April 2011. This new expected completion date makes the fifth time it has been pushed back, from June 1 to June 29 to July 15 to Aug. 15 to Sept. 5 to now Sept. 28. When asked if Oct. 1 was a firm date when students should expect to begin at the new school, Staggs laughed nervously.

“It is the most frustrating thing I have ever done in my life,” he said. “Finally it will be (rewarding) to get our kids in the building. It’s going to help because environment plays a major role in learning.”

The existing Stanton Elementary and Oak Intermediate schools will be demolished after the district has finished with them. Staggs said the existing Glenwood High School, on Glenwood Avenue, will be sold to the South Central Ohio Educational Services Center for $1. The SCOESC is currently located on Court Street in Portsmouth.

Lowell Howard, SCOESC superintendent, said the terms of the building sale are still being discussed.

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