Kids learn responsibility and care with 4-H animals

August 13, 2012


PDT Staff Writer

LUCASVILLE — The Rushtown Livestock 4-H Club had 29 hogs on display at the Scioto County Fair on Aug. 6. The club has 29 youth members have had the pigs in their possession since May 1, 2012.

“The hogs are usually 50 to 60 pounds when we get them. They can be purchased locally or from a farmer. And you raise them all the way up until the fair,” Bobbie Collett, Rushtown Livestock 4-H Club Advisor, said.

The average cost of buying the pig is $5oo, which includes the cost of the pig.

“The club members given the responsibility of the complete care of the hogs,” Collett said. “This involves feeding, bathing them, and walking them daily.”

Each hog is housed at the homes of the 4-H club members, or their grandparents’ homes. The pigs must reside in dry areas to ensure that they do not get sick.

“What I like most isits a lot of fun, but its a big responsibility. Club member Tori Phillips said.

Members of the 4-H Club also expressed some of the biggest challenges in tending to hogs is getting them to move when you want, as pigs are known to be obstinate at times.

Although caring for the hogs provides a positive learning experience for the 4-H members, the final destination for the hogs is the slaughter house.

“This can be difficult for the kids who sometimes become emotionally attached to the hogs. Sometimes you will see them with tears in their eyes when they see the truck pull up, because they know that when it comes, the hogs are outta here, and everyone knows what happens to them.” Collett said.

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