Minford author releases two new romance novels

John Stegeman Sports Editor

August 11, 2012


PDT Staff Writer

MINFORD — National best-selling Harlequin Desire romance novelist, Jules Bennett, has recently released not one, but two new books — “Caught in the Spotlight” and “Whatever the Price.”

Both novels are part of a series, with “Caught in the Spotlight” being the first of that series, all set around Hollywood.

The Minford native, wife of her high school sweetheart, Michael Bennett, and mother of two young daughters, Grace and Madelyn, said she is excited about the her new novels, and the forthcoming opportunity to share them with the world. Bennett said that her timing could not have been better for the books’ release, as 2012 marks the 30th anniversary celebration of Harlequin Desire.

She introduces the Dane family to readers, in “Caught In The Spotlight.” The novel provides for its readers, everything that Hollywood has to offer, glamorous lifestyles, seduction, lies and betrayal.

“Whatever The Price” is the story of the character, Anthony Price, who was introduced in “Caught In The Spotlight,” a handsome, powerful, and provocative producer who must fight for his marriage to wife whom he so deeply loves.

“Being an author has changed my life in that I try to look at life from all angles now,” Bennett said. “When you’re putting a story together you have more than one character, so you definitely have more than one side of a story. I try to look at everything from all angles.”

Bennett did her first book-signing of her new books Aug. 7 at the Scioto County Fair by the Portsmouth Public Library Bookmobile. She said she was very pleased with the amount of support she received from the public at the signing, and always enjoys interacting with and hearing from her readers.

The Bennett’s literary journey has not been an easy road.

“I knew that I could not give up, because I wanted to be an example to my children to never give up on their dreams,” she said.

Bennett submitted her work to an agent, who submitted her work to Harlequin for review, constantly sent out query letters, in hopes of finding a publisher that would be interested in her novels. Bennett recounted that pivotal moment in her life in 2008 when her cellular phone resounded with “I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse,” the ring tone from the classic movie, “The Godfather.”

She knew that if she heard that ring tone that it was her agent calling to inform her that Harlequin wanted to sign her on as one of their romance novelists.

“I think every romance novelist desires to write for Harlequin,” Bennett said.

It was the ringtone that took Bennett’s writing career to the next level, propelling her forward to begin writing for one of the leading names in the industry.

“I answered my phone, and she told me that they wanted to sign me. It was very, very exciting, and my family was really happy for me,” Bennett said.

Bennett has written 14 books to date, but says she doesn’t let her success make her arrogant.

“I am still the same person, and I don’t expect to be treated any different. My family and friends still treat me as the ‘Jules’ that they know,” she said.

Perhaps many would say Bennett has the best of both worlds. She has a successful writing career that she is very passionate about, which enables her to work from the comfort of her home. Working from home grants Bennett quality time with her family, the most important aspect of her life.

“The greatest part of what I do, is that I get to stay close to home, that is what I love the most,” she said. “I have a few projects that are coming up that are a little different and exciting, but its all in the romance genre.”

More book-signings are scheduled, as well as guest appearances at writer’s workshops, which allow her to give back by helping others to achieve the dreams and goals in writing.

“I have a job that I love, that doesn’t feel like work,” Bennett said.

Jules Bennett’s novels are available locally at Market Street Cafe, as well as Barnes and Noble’s on the campus of Shawnee State University. For more information regarding Jules Bennett and her publications, book-signings and writer’s workshops, visit her website at julesbennett.com.

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