Police still pursing Wright

John Stegeman Sports Editor

August 11, 2012


PDT Staff Writer

Portsmouth Police continue to pursue a man detectives say may pose a risk to children. Officers were busy Wednesday evening after citizens had spotted Billy Joe Wright, 27, in the West Portsmouth area.

Officers remained in the area for several hours searching for him. Detective Chuck Crapyou said Citizens reported that Wright’s wife, Ashlie Nicole Wright, also known as Ashlie Faulkner, was also with him.

Wright is charged in an incident involving a 15-year-old male juvenile. Police say Wright is aware of the charges against him and is actively hiding from law enforcement.

Crapyou said if anyone should see Ashlie, chances are Billy Wright is close by. Citizens are encouraged to call law enforcement if either person is spotted. It is believed they are travelling back and forth between Portsmouth and West Portsmouth either on foot or getting rides from others.

Anyone with information as to Wright’s whereabouts, should call the Portsmouth Police Department at 740-353-4101, or the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office at 740-354-7566.

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