Three arrested in Lawrence County on meth charges

PDT Sports Report

August 2, 2012


PDT Staff Writer

Three people have been arrested on charges resulting from the discovery of an active methamphetamine lab.

At around 11:25 p.m. Wednesday the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office was alerted to an active meth lab. Donald J. Workman, of 306 Little Solida Rd., South Point, is charged with manufacturing illegal drugs, bond revocation, APA violation; Jan E. Bess of 276 County Road, Chesapeake, and Jennifer D. Hinchman, of 1129 Waco Rd., Huntington, are both charged with complicity to manufacture a controlled substance.

Lawrence County Sheriff Jeff Lawless said Gary Sowards of Sowards Bail Bonds, had revoked his bond for Workman, who failed to show up for court earlier in the day. Sowards located Workman at 276 County Road, in Chesapeake, and as he approached Workman, he noticed he was tending to an active meth lab. Sowards also noticed other people near the meth lab activity.

Upon arrival sheriff’s deputies said they found four people on the back porch of that address near the meth activity. The meth lab consisted of a two liter soda bottle with a rubber hose wire taped to it and the ingredients such as pseudoephedrine, camp fuel, drain cleaner, and lithium batteries were combined inside the bottle which causes a severe chemical reaction.

“This is what is referred to as a shake-and-bake meth lab,” Lawless said, at the scene. “The ingredients to make meth are obtained, then placed in plastic containers such as a soda bottle where the chemican reaction takes place. This is a very dangerous activity as this chemical reaction can be volatile.”

Lawless said his office was assisted by the Lawrence County Drug and Major Crimes Task Force and the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation, which cleaned up the lab.

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