Real estate tax revenue up in County

Jenna Fryer, AP Auto Racing Writer

July 26, 2012


PDT Staff Writer

Scioto County continues to receive positive budgetary news.

Scioto County Treasurer Bill Ogg is reporting that real estate taxes are up more than $128,700.43 over original budget estimates. Ogg said the first half of 2011 real estate taxes brought in $23,767,773.55. The second half of 2011 real estate taxes as of July 24 totaled $16,065,561. Total collected thus far this year is $39,833,334.55, and Ogg said there are several payments that still need to be processed.

The total amount collected last year from 2010 real estate taxes was $39,704,634.12.

When asked why the taxes were up this year, Ogg said, “I think we are in a better economy overall. We’ve been a little more aggressive in going after delinquent accounts. We’re trying to make it easier for people to pay upfront.”

Ogg said, if anyone is having trouble paying their taxes give his office a call.

“We are seeing less delinquencies. We did not bill more people and we did not have a reappraisal year. I think in the end we (Scioto County) will be ahead (of least years totals) by a quarter of a million dollars,” Ogg said.

Last week it was announced the counties permissive sales tax revenue is up $300,000 above estimates for the first five months of the year. The commissioners reported they received $842,398.41 in permissive sales tax in May of 2012, representing a $114,000 increase over May 2011 which came in at $728,405.

“This is the biggest jump we’ve had from one month to another,” said Skip Riffe, Chairman of the Scioto County Commissioners. “We are extremely happy with these numbers needless to say.”

According to tax records, the county took in $10,252,517 in permissive sales tax for 2011, $395,517 over original estimates. Riffe said the increased funding will be put into the counties general fund.

This budgetary news comes as the county is taking steps towards getting out from under the emergency status by the auditor of state in August of 2009. Riffe said that status could be lifted from the county as soon as next year. He said the steps to having the status lifted includes retiring the $557,000 deficit associated with the former juvenile detention center.

“We are hoping to do that (retire the debt) this year. If revenue continues to come in like it is, we think we can get that done this year,” Riffe said. “After that, we have to do (20)14, (20)15 and (20)16 budget projections. Once the state is satisfied with those numbers, they’ll release us.”

Riffe said the budgets for 2012 and 2013 are complete. “Once the (20)13 recovery plan gets approved, and we are hoping that happens at the August meeting of the Scioto County Financial Planing and Recovery Commission meeting. We will start planing for ‘14, ‘15 and ‘16,” Riffe said.

He said all of this depends on how long it takes the state to be satisfied with projected budget numbers and a number of other factors.

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