Board of Regents recommends tobacco ban

July 24, 2012


PDT Staff Writer

The Ohio Board of Regents passed a resolution Monday, recommending its member schools go tobacco-free. The resolution will now be sent to each university’s or college’s board of trustees for consideration.

SSU officials say part of its campus is already smoke-free and that there has been ongoing conversations taking place across campus for some time about this subject.

“Our residence halls are already smoke-free and we’ve been in conversation with our students about smoking on campus,” Dr. Rita Rice Morris, SSU President said in a released statement. “The recommendations that we received from the Board of Regents will add to our discussions with students, faculty, and staff this fall as we decide how our campus will respond to this issue.”

Morris gave no indication when or if a recommendation would be considered by the SSU Board of Trustees.

The resolution was recommended by Board of Regents Chairman James Tuschman and supported by Chancellor Jim Petro.

The Ohio Board of Regents is a nine-member advisory board to the Chancellor. As a part of its responsibilities, the board advises the Chancellor on issues of statewide importance pertaining to higher education.

“Statistics prove that a tobacco-free campus significantly curbs the smoking habits of students, faculty and staff to make campuses healthier environments,” Tuschman said in a released statement. “By approving this resolution and recommending that policies be implemented on our campuses, the Board of Regents can have a significant and positive effect on a student’s life.”

According to the Board of Regents at least seven Ohio campuses have enacted policies banning the sale of cigarettes and smoking anywhere on campus including Miami University, Hocking College, and the Health Sciences Campus at the University of Toledo.

Ohio voters approved a statewide smoking ban in 2006, that does not permit smoking in any public place or workplace.

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