County threatens eminent domain on sewer project

John Stegeman Sports Editor

July 19, 2012


PDT Staff Writer

Scioto County Sanitary Engineer Joe Delong is sending a “notice of intent to acquire” letters to 70 residents of the Minford area who have not yet signed the easements necessary for the proposed Minford sewer project.

“Ohio law authorizes the board (of commissioners) to obtain your property or an easement across your property for certain public purposes,” the letter states.

In the letter the county offers the resident a waiver on the $450 tap fee in exchange for title on the easement.

“The current tap fee and inspection cost is $450. A tap fee is required for all new connections to the sewer system,” the letter read.

Since the project was announced the county has been in the process of obtaining easements on 740 properties, and Delong said the county has already obtained 640 of them. The remaining 100 parcels are owned by 70 people. The county has been told that work can’t begin until all easements have been obtained.

“If you wish not to accept the tap fee waiver, in the future, (the) board will be presenting you with a written offer based on our determination of the fair market value of your property. You will (have) 15 days from the time you receive that offer to accept or reject it,” the letter informs. “The board is willing to discuss the offer with you during that time. If you reject the offer, or you and the board (are) unable to come to an agreement, the board my have to exercise eminent domain authority to appropriate your property, which required a court procedure.”

In March of 2010 the county was awarded a $14,912 loan and a $14,507,000 grant from the USDA to complete the project to install 30 miles of sewer mains and a new waste water treatment plant among other things. The proposed project will provide sewage service to 1,327 existing homes along with modest growth capacity for the entire service area.

In June of this year the Scioto County Commissioners asked the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for a three-month extension on the $30 million Minford Area Sanitary Sewer Project.

“Scioto County will not be able to meet the current deadline of July, 31, 2012, for the Minford Area Sanitary Sewer and we are requesting a waiver to the current deadline,” the Scioto County Commissioners wrote in a letter dated May 21 to the USDA.

USDA state director J. Anthony Logan said earlier this year that if the project is not under construction, or under a contact for construction, by July 31 a request could be made to the White House Office of Management and Budget for a waiver only with a extenuating circumstances. Delong cautioned that just because the county makes a request for an extension does not mean it would be granted.

Calls to the USDA, concerning the status of the extension request were left unreturned on Thursday.

Locations of properties on which the Scioto County Engineer’s Office is still seeking an easement for the proposed Minford sewer project:

35 Wilson St. (Wanda Bruseau), 887 High St. (Alan and Amy Alley), 7563 Ohio 139 (Samuel and Randie Jackson), 108 Clark St. (Linda Harris), 177 Parson Road (Jennifer Murphy), 390 and 424 Bennett Road (Kenneth and Biddie Steerman), 10393 Ohio 139 (Jane Wrght), 95 Sparks Lane (Debra Graf), Lucasville Minford Road (Gregory and Karen Shumway), 84 Clark St. (Goldie Miller), 215 Oliver Road (Timothy Allen Shonkwiler), 73 Smith Perry Road (Gary Eugene Steiner), 5684 Ohio 139 (Donald and Judy Caseman), 120 Yale Drive (Gary and Michelle Reese), Ohio 139 (Leonard and Thelma Ruggles), 140 Yale Drive (Christopher Howard), 100 Burro St. (William and Tonya Coriell), 318 Butler Hollow Road (Jeffrey and Amy Moore), Lucasville Minford Road (Johnny Lunsford), 5689 Ohio 139 (David Braden), 379 Bennett Road (Thomas Kallner), 7844 Ohio 139 (Robert Howard Jr.), 8349 Ohio 139 (Diane Daniels), 293 Burns Hollow Road (John Troy and Deborah Huff), 2754 Maple Benner Road (William Patrick Cummings), 180 Butler Hollow Road (Clarence and Alberta Lyons), 884 Butler Hollow Road, Myra Jean Ruby, 603 Butler Hollow Road (Richard and Timothy Boggs), Butler Hollow Road (Baker Family Holdings), 1002 Butler Hollow Road (James Ronald Baker II), 468 Butler Hollow Road (William and Karen Adkins), 2510 Maple Benner Road (Danny and Deidra Richardson), 5536 Lucasville Minford Road (Barbara and Melissa Bennett), 9459 Ohio 335 (Glen and Marsha Compton), Lucasville Minford Road (Dwight Lee and Brenda Shoemaker), 5908 Ohio 139 (Robert and Elizabeth Fairchild), 906 Bond Road (Tim and Jacquline Smith), 14 Zeune Road (Philip D. Dawson), Lucasville Minford Road (Ralph and Teresa Noel), 112 Crull Road (Sharon Melvin and McGraw Real Estate Investments), 460 West St. (Neal Allen and Erwin Dodson Funeral Home), 308 Smith Perry Road (Gloria Preston), 714 Bond St. (Mark Parker and Sherrie Gahm), 4973 Lucasville Minford Road (Erma McGraw), 5091 Lucasville Minford (Steve and Jacqueline Noel), 856 Oliver Road (Timothy and Deborah Kratzenberg), 36 Clark Road (Veronica and Clarence Mason), Shady Lane (Ernest Messer), and 508 Oliver Road (Adam and Bonnie Smith).

Some properties listed may include multiple parcels.

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