Summer reading program at McKell Library

John Stegeman Sports Editor

July 17, 2012

Frank Lewis

PDT Staff Writer

GREENUP COUNTY, Ky. — Children from the McKell Elementary School area and other parts of the Greenup County, Ky., community gathered together Tuesday to play on inflatables, do chalk art on the sidewalk, and try to win prizes, as a part of the annual summer reading program at McKell Library.

“It has been ongoing for five weeks. It’s called ‘Dream Big Read,’ a 46-state initiative at public libraries, where students are encouraged to read throughout the summer,” said Nick Fannin, Summer Reading Program Coordinator. “Here at McKell Library we have different programs every Tuesday. They come and they have been putting their names in for prizes, for every five books they draw.”

“Today we are going to be drawing for the prizes,” Fannin said. “Today is kind of our celebration. We have some people who have read over 250 books apiece. Today is just about celebrating the children reading throughout the summer.”

Lexi Bearfield will begin the new school year in the fifth grade at McKell, and she has spent the summer getting a jump on the school year by reading over 250 books.

“I just read all night, and then after I finish, I just fall asleep on the couch,” Lexi said. “I mostly like to read fairy tales or something.”

The face of Alexis Chaffin, a bright 10-year-old, lights up when she talks about reading.

“I’ve read over 300 books, and it’s really good for me to read, because reading is all over my family,” Alexis said. “My aunt loves to do it. My mom loves to do it. So it’s just kind of good. I like comedy books. I usually go to the library in the morning - that way I can get most of them done by the evening. And then I get really really tired and I can just fall asleep on my bed.”

The prizes were all donated, and Fannin said the names of donors are on a “wall of fame,” inside the library.

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