Frank Lewis

April 6, 2012

March 27

Mr. and Mrs. Rick Fout of Waverly, son

March 28

Darrel and Heather Thompson of Piketon, daughter

Joe and Angie Wheeler of Lucasville, daughter

Megan Clark of Pedro, son

Travis and Lisa Faulkner of Portsmouth, son

March 29

Jessica Underwood of Portsmouth, son

March 30

Richard and Tammy Howerton of South Portsmouth (Ky.), daughter

Patricia Maggard of South Webster, daughter

April 2

Rachel Gilliland of Portsmouth, son

Alexandria Mossbarger of Beaver, son

Greg and Kelly Erwin of Garrison (Ky.), son

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan and Britni Dunham of Wheelersburg, son

John and Nacole Brady of Lucasville, son

April 3

Nathan and Jamie Goode of New Boston, daughter

Lacey Beck and Ronnie Evans of Portsmouth, daughter

April 4

Mr. and Mrs. Alan and Ashley Salyers of Franklin Furnace, son

Cassondra Conley and Rusty Hiles of Lucasville, son

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Lopez Jr. of New Boston, daughter

Kelsey Ford and Trent Hughes of Portsmouth, daughter

Staff Sargeant Milton and Nicole Kelley of Minford, son

Source: SOMC