Chris Dunham, PDT Sports Writer

March 31, 2012

March 20

Ben Adkins and Ashley Adkins of West Portsmouth, son

Megan Brown of Piketon, son

March 21

Brittany Hayslip of Otway, daughter

Tiffany McIntyre and Kevin Ferrell of Portsmouth, daughter

Nikki and Phillip Hammond of Wheelersburg, daughter

Austin and Brittany Curington of Otway, daughter

March 22

Dan and Sarah Johnson of Portsmouth, son

Trista Wilson and Brent Jones of Portsmouth, daughter

Kayli Jimenez and Liberio Jimenez-Ramiret of Portsmouth, son

Jon and Anna Allen of Oak Hill, daughter

March 23

Amy Silvers and Josh Bartram of Piketon, son

Tim and Jenny Brown of Manchester, daughter

Jeromy and Sarah Carver of Stout, son

Mandy Crabtree and Aaron White of McDermott, daughter

March 26

Haleigh Stamper and Jeremy Jones of Lucasville, son

Jessica Rotkiske and Ledel Fugate of Waverly, son

Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Stacy Carter of Portsmouth, daughter

Amber Nicole Barney and Kyle David Breech of McDermott, daughter

Source: SOMC