Coriell crowned Valley Homecoming Queen

Chris Dunham, PDT Sports Writer

March 28, 2012

Carrie Coriell was crowned Valley High School Homecoming Queen as the Indians hosted the Wheerlersburg Pirates on Jan. 27. Carrie is the daughter of Ron and Beth Coriell of Lucasville. Carrie was escorted by Curtis Crabtree, son of Darren and Mary-Kate Crabtree of Lucaville and Patrick Riehl, son of Tracy and Andy Riehl of Lucasville.

Carrying the Queen’s crown was Adam Crank. Adam is the son of Owen and Mandy Crank Of Lucasville. Carrying the Queen’s flowers was Allison Crank. Allison is the daughter of Owen and Mandy Crank of Lucasville.

First Senior Attendant is Andrea Jordan Webb. Andrea is the daughter of Trisha Webb and Patrick Webb of Portsmouth. Andrea is being escorted by Robbie Dwyer, son of Bruce and Kathy Dwyer of Lucaville.

Second Senior Attendant is Hanna Dunham. Hanna is the daughter of Gardner and Kelly Dunham of Lucasville. Hanna was escorted by Blake Yates, son of Rusty and Robyn Yates of Lucasville.

Vocational School Attendant is Brianna Mullen. Brianna is the daughter of Lonney W. Mullen of Wheelersburg. Brianna was escorted by Zach Shope, son of Terry and Ellen Shope of Lucasville.

Junior Attendant is Emily Shope. Emily was escorted by Will Howard, son of Craig and Lisa Howard of Lucasville.

Sophomore Attendant is Ellen Isgett. Ellen is the daughter of Andrea and Robert Isgett of Lucasville. Her escort was Dakota Baker of Brian and Beth Baker of Lucasville.

The freshman attendant is Taylor Keyes. Taylor is the daughter of Brant and Tammy Stone of Lucasville. Taylor was escorted by Benji Justice, son of Tracy and Brad Uhl of Lucasville.

Source: Hope Whisman